Have you ever watched a child in its infancy directly started walking without any single fall? The answer is No. This only we have read about superhero fiction. Well, in reality, Life is not the bed of roses. Investelite Research comes with the prime aim is to serve your growth with a meaningful value. The harder is the journey the softens is its fruitful output. While walking on the journey of trading in share market one must have to be very focused and with a smart strategic move.

Investelite Research guides you to learn from your failure. You learn with your ups and down and according to that your ways turn. We suggest you know the two prices while investing your money –the current price of the investment and the future selling price. One must follow the strategy “Do it yourself” as different people follow different strategies with their different psychology in share market. Everyone has different principles and vision so it is advisable don’t follow other stock holdings. Take experience from other’s action and strategy but follow only that suits your personality and risk level.

Investelite Research certified experts are here to support with a backbone with high accuracy and to make aware with stock market life and insights. We are here to guide and you only will have to turn it into action.

Here are some guides in small idioms that traders can relate with day to day life while living in share market life.

1. Don’t play with biased opinion: Understand the insights and the recent technical aspects. Don’t blindly follow particular policies and stick to it. It is not necessarily the strategy you use earlier was advantageous will be beneficial in the recent case also.

2. You have to elongate your feet according to your blanket: That Hindi article perpetually fits here “You have to elongate your feet according to your blanket”. Here we are talking about managing the portfolio.

3. Experience makes the person perfect: If you are a trader than only copying and following a successful trader blindly is not sufficient and worthwhile. In fact, it may lead you in risk. Copying with a right way also need smartness as that dialogue suits here, “Nakal plus akkal tabhi safal”. You take move with intelligence to pave your own path and that would only come with an experience of yourself and other too.

4. Actual judgement in tough times: It’s simple to play in a bull market but the wisdom is tested in the bear market. It’s easy to pull the car from flyover than to push the car from the flyover.

5. Analyse the ratio and risk: While entering the river you must analyse the depth of water. Calculate the ratios like earning per share ratio, price to earning ratio etc. while investing your valuable assets. Investelite Research suggests you take the commensurate risk.

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