Investors who are trading in the stock market need to be watchful and take care of every pitfall that can impact on their financial wealth.

Numerous learning comes forward after watching the incident of Lehman Brother crisis or 2008 financial crisis. Lehman Brothers were the most dreadful and painful case experienced by investors in the past decade of the financial industry. Lehman, the 4th largest US investment bank at the time of the collapse. It was filed for the bankruptcy with $639 billion in assets and $619 billion in debt. The bank was deeply involved in mortgage origination that it had effectively become a real estate hedge fund disguised as an investment bank.

Looking at the above financial crisis cases investors must learn the lesson that they should take the side step to the genuine pain that is stuck during sell-offs. There are a few approaches that investors must adapt according to their investment type and risk preferences.

1. Let it go, come out of the negative news: The first step to re-enter after suffering in the market is to understand the psychological aspects of investing. Suffering from a crisis this week will often panic but it should be forgotten for next week. Excessive pessimism is harmful to invest so stay calm and be wary of negative thoughts.

2. Stay away from speculator: Market is volatile but it never fluctuates on luck factors and assumptions. People usually fall in financial losses and think the stock market is game of luck by chance. The fact is no one knows where the market is going at the bottom. We cannot change the market but we can save yourself by analyzing it.

3. Ready for the next step: When you know you are shrinking by the hour, it doesn’t mean to take an exit by trading. It is the time to learn from the suffered losses and prior experiences. Look back at the history and the reason to decline in your portfolio’s returns. Don’t let yourself weasel out of it when the tough times encountered.

4. Buy & Hold works: It is the strategy that smart investors usually follows they take a vow of it and stick to it. It doesn’t only mean buying and holding that purchase stock but also to buy and previewing your held stocks. Buy and hold make sense if you are buying quality at a reasonable price.

5. Right supportive entity: In the times of major crisis, regular buying plan gets disturbed. You may take the advice of proper supportive advisor who gives you right direction moving suggestions even when the markets are decline. Our investment advisory firm Investelite Research have certified Research Analysts who guide you to protect yourself from the financial crash.

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