Humans tend to regret on lost money, it’s a human tendency. What humans often ignore is the mistakes they made while going into losses which is a very important lesson often ignored.

Investors tend to focus on their lost money but they ignore the mistakes done while trading. Loss is a part of investment but what is important is to identify the mistakes and rectifying them.

What to avoid and what to focus on?

Make sure not to repeat the mistakes done in the past trading activities is essential. But to avoid losses, one should analyse and reflect on past mistakes. To be a successful trader or investor, one needs to focus on the process, be disciplined, identify the market algorithms, analyse past performances of a particular share before investing in it, evaluate past losses and mistakes in order to avoid such mistakes in future trading activities.

Trading is a one platform which entertains all kind of investor’s, one can start trading with Rs100 also. Loss of Rs100 can teach you a great lesson worth a billion. Past mistakes will help you to earn your next huge amount of profit. Once you learn from your past experience, you start making more profit. Slowly and Gradually you can start making huge profits because there are no limits on investments.

Key Note

Traders always record their profits but its very rare that losses are being recorded. Recording the loss is as essential as recording the profit. Recording all your losses in a book can give you an insight of what’s exactly going wrong in your trading activities. It’ll help you to identify a set of patterns where you are going wrong and you can make modifications in your trading process and strategies. Once you come to know which shares are performing bad from your portfolio, you can release those non-performing shares and let the winners lead your pack.

Once you realize your mistakes behind investing in non-performing shares, it’ll be easy for you to achieve your goals.

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