Time alloted to various parties to debate on non-confidence motion BJP 3 hours 33 minutes, Congress 38 minutes, AIADMK 29 minutes,TMC 27 minutes, BJD 15, Shiv Sena 14,TDP 13, TRS 9 CPIM 7,SP 6, NCP 6, LJSP 5

• Congress statement against PM Modi:

Since Congress has allocated 38 mins Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge questioned how can they highlight issues of 130 crore Indians and faults of the Narendra Modi government in just 30 minutes. Congress also started video poking fun of PM Modi on twitter through a portrait. The portrait is depicting A to Z scams of BJP. Congress says the UPA brought the number of poor people down to 26.93 crore, which was 21.9% of the population in 2012, from 40.71 crores in 2004.

• Jaydev Galla hit out at BJP:

TDP MP started a discussion on a non-confidence motion saying that Modi Government has not fulfilled promised. TDP MP Jaydev Galla hit out at both the Congress and BJP over issues related to Andhra Pradesh. Demanding that AP must be given special category status as promised, TDP blamed Congress for “mindless bifurcation” of the state.

• Rahul Gandhi hits out at PM Modi:

Rahul mounts a direct attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying not only TDP, even the entire country is the victim of a ‘jumla strike’. The Congress party chief also listed the promises of Rs 15 lakh in bank accounts and the Rs 2 crore jobs for youths. He said PM Modi works only for a handful of industrialists. Also, Rahul Gandhi sought PM Modi’s statement on the Rafale deal in the parliament. He alleged that defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman has spoken “untruth” on the issue.

• TDP’s speech ends; BJP MP Rakesh Singh responding

TDP MP Jaydev Galla, who was the first speaker in the no-trust vote debate, ended his speech after an hour. After which BJP MP Rakesh Singh started speaking against the no-confidence motion. He said in his speech, the TDP MP had no substantial reason to move the motion. He also added that the issues happened when the Congress government was in power. BJP MP Rakesh Singh said frustration and desperation are the main reasons behind this no-confidence motion.

• RJD to bring a no-confidence motion in next session of Bihar assembly:

RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav says no-confidence motion is not always to take down the government.“Sometimes it is for making government provide answers to the public. If not in this session, we will try to bring it in the next session (of Bihar assembly),” Yadav said.

• Ananth Kumar says opposition will see the strength of NDA plus:

Union minister Ananth Kumar has emitted confidence that the NDA would prove its majority in the Parliament and said the opposition would see the strength of “NDA plus” during the no-trust motion.

• BJD walks out of Lok Sabha

BJD walks out of no-confidence motion proceedings in Lok Sabha. 20 BJD MPs will decline from voting. In the meantime, opposition parties demand more time for discussion.

• PM Modi started laughing at Rahul’s Statement

During the debate, Rahul Gandhi says that “He is looking away from me. I can understand that. He cannot look into my eyes, I can see that because the Prime Minister has not been truthful,”.By this Rahul infers that he can see a touch of nervousness in PM Modi. All this statement make PM Modi started laughing.

• Rahul Gandhi hugs PM Modi

After finishing his speech, Rahul Gandhi goes to PM Modi and gives him a hug. Pappu’s huge Hug and handshake makes Modi wink and laughing out loud.

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