Stock market bubbles don’t grow out of thin air. They have a solid basis in reality, but reality as distorted by a misconception and that misunderstanding is known as gambling in share trading.

With a genuine perspective, we can say the stock market is not gambling at all. It is suggested to all gambler in the stock market, as one should gamble on the practicality of things rather than taking random risks.”What you may think is different from what may happen”.

Different people have different opinions in share trading. Share market is volatile but you should not carry its volatile behaviour.

One who resembles “who is winning never lose, have never actually won“.Here that dialogue of Shahrukh Khan perpetually fit “Haar Kar jitney wale ko Baazigar kehte hai“.Stock markets have the nice things to learn in all terms of economy. It’s like your window into a large world but rare people have the quality to understand it. Those who understand they convert into potential investors, those not they considered as a speculator.

WHO DO GAMBLING??? A simple way to predict.


Amateur investors or more specifically speculator.”Those who try to get a falling knife only get hurt“.We personally believe if someone either with lack of knowledge of investing or playing a zero-sum game with markets than for them having an adviser is not a bad idea. Our Investelite Research’s experts are here to give you share market tips to save you from financial ruin. Start with the investment approach else ready for negative outcomes of gambling.

Here are the signs of a gambler in share trading

  1. Gambler bet on the direction a stock price will go.
  2. Gambler violates the trading discipline. In fact, stay focus on discipline rather than stock price and company shares.
  3. The people who buy stocks with random risk and run on the uncalculated motives are actually do betting with stocks rather than investing in share market. It is just like flipping a coin.
  4. The gambler used to overtrade till night.
  5. Gamblers have generally high mood swings and over-emotional behaviour that impact on trading. Profit in the stock market is just by chance makes them happy for being reached at the sky and at the same time huge loss feel the ground’s slipping under one’s feet.


Stock market is all about luck“.Don’t freeze on this philosophy. It’s all about calculating risk for achieving the objective for a long-term perspective. The study can improve investor’s performance and a trading discipline with determining a risk to reward ratio may lead you a successful investor. It is important to know that investment is inherently different from gambling. One must have to do homework to succeed.

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