Financial solvency in an early stage is the blessing and not everyone is luckier to get it due to lack of understanding. But if you want to be free from debts and to become independent investors then from beginning only you have to work on various parameters, while entering towards share trading.

Do you want an early retirement? Though for this every newbie needs to get experience. Investment in a right direction is the art of managing money for long-term and with endeavor one fresher can achieve it. The essence of being independent gives us the courage and freedom to lead a life on our own terms.

Here Investelite Research is discussing the stage of financial solvency which you can support yourself and live the way you choose to live.

  • Strong portfolio:


A portfolio of dividend-paying stocks or a portfolio of bonds (or bond funds) can serve the major role for giving higher gains than saving accounts and fixed deposit with a microscopic interest return.

  • Budget:

For starters, a budget plays a crucial role. A good planning and strategy cannot be continued before the elementary budget. Especially if you are in the 20s and 30s you need to know the calculation of every single penny. Where penny goes, Where it stays.

  • Analysis :


The best investors must know the difference between what comes, what goes and what remains. Investelite Research simply describes the concept of investments to our newbie investors.

“EARNING-EXPENSES=SAVING” is not the same as  “EARNING-SAVING=EXPENSES” but the second equation is the correct way to get financial freedom. Hope you get what I mean?

  • First step:

Independence is not simply dependent. Most people do not have a parent or mentor to understand. Investelite Research guides you to take the declarative first step of what you want, why you want and what you are prepared for to do get it.

As  “Price of freedom is eternal cautiousness”.

  • Risk:

Beginners do fear in investing and sometimes due to lack of knowledge and understanding. Investing a big amount in risky biotech is not a smarter move, it’s gambling. Do a lot of research if not getting take the suggestions from research analysts of a SEBI registered advisory company like Investelite Research. We suggest you invest in different stocks not put all in a single stock. We are here to acknowledge you for stock market tips.

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