Diwali is the festival of lights and shine. Make your stocks to shine and sparkle this Diwali. Diwali holds the special positions and importance for the business community.BSE and NSE conduct special trading sessions in respect of Goddess Lakshmi on a stock exchange as it marks the beginning of the fiscal year. “The Cascades of coins flowing from her hand suggests the wealth that may be in store for those who worship her”.

All trades that get executed during the Diwali Muhrat trading in both equities, derivatives result in settlement obligations. So, to bring prosperity and wealth one must aware about the things to perform and avoid during the Muhrat Trading session.

Things should perform by investors during Muhrat Trading:

Token Purchase: If you are a trader and love Equity as an asset class then Muhrat trading is the best time to purchase stocks. It does not have to be a large amount but a token purchase can do. The market is always volatile on this day between the Muhrat session of trading that happens usually for an hour.

Investors on this occasion mark with token orders and buy stocks that they believe will add wealth to their portfolio. Investors should set a discipline for themselves to track their investments every quarter and also before and after effect of Diwali.

Things should avoid by investors during Muhrat Trading:

Never carried away by the promise of good fortune during this season.  Invest smartly in stocks that have done well in the Previous year or investment in blue chips stocks can be profitable. This Diwali being a trader promise growth and future viability.

Avoid Taking Heavy exposure: Investors should avoid taking heavy exposures in specific stocks because of liquidity constraints as there is only one hour of trading. Participation will be thin which could change liquidity.

Don’t be Speculator: It is the key fact which traders should keep in mind is to buy quality and avoid taking speculative bets. Even though most of the large-cap names might be trading at higher valuations but sticking to quality will add strength and stability to your portfolio.

If you want market should not disappoint you do a research-based trading.

“This Diwali Investelite Research wishes you to have a brilliant investing career by acting as a  disciplined investment warrior”.

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