Investing in the stock market is a tricky task. Investing your money in the right stocks is critical to reaching your financial goals. Sometimes people may take a lot of time to feel comfortable about investing in the stock market because of the risks involved. To simplify, the task of investing in the stock market the investors may follow the list of dos and don’ts that can help them generate profits. In this article, we list out the dos and don’ts of stock picking for investment to help investors pick the right stocks and reduce their mistakes.

Do’s for Stock Market Investing

· Invest At Early Age

The best time to start investing in the stock market is starting at an early age. Young investors have the liberty of taking risks and recovering from the wrong investment decisions without ruining their long-term goals. Starting investment at an early age also gives the compounding advantage and benefit of reinvesting the dividends.

. Understand Your Risk Profile

Understanding your risk profile is essential before investing in the stock market. Always consider how much risk you can afford to take in the market. If you aim for higher returns, the risk will be higher and vice versa. Your risk profile is based on your risk-taking capacity, risk tolerance and risk requirements.

· Diversification

Diversification of a portfolio is the key to success in the stock market. Avoid putting all your money in a single stock. Distribute your capital among different stocks depending on your risk profile. By diversifying you get exposure to stocks belonging to different industries.

· Invest Your Additional Funds Only

You must invest only additional funds in the stock market. You must consider your other expenses like rent, EMIs, daily expenses, etc. before putting money in the market. Investing your surplus funds will not put any pressure on your current lifestyle.

· Educate Yourself

Investing in stocks is an art. You must learn the different parameters and study the company correctly before investing in it. Carry out your research, read the financial statements of the company, etc. before finding stocks that are good for investment. If you do not have the right knowledge of picking the stock, you may consult a financial advisor to guide you.

Don’ts for Stock Market Investing

· Don’t Keep Unrealistic Expectations

When you invest in the stock market, it is not right to keep unrealistic expectations. The expectation of high returns would force you to take higher risks and that might not turn out well. The investment in any stock must be based on research, analysis and performance of the company. Keeping unrealistic expectations from stocks can harm your overall portfolio mix.

· Don’t Follow Herd

Investing in stocks just because other people are also doing the same is a bad approach in the stock market. You must restrict yourself to investing in stocks that fulfils the various criteria of your research. Herd mentality often leads to losses in the stock market.

· Don’t Invest Based on Tips

Price manipulation is often done by spreading misinformation about a stock to the investors. The information is spread to attract investors and trap them. Investing in stocks must be done by consuming only that information that is useful to your research and everything else should take a backseat.

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