Here are the stocks which are in news today:

Kotak Mahindra Bank: RBI said bank’s PNCPS issuance does not meet RBI’s promoter holding dilution requirement. “We continue to believe that we have met the requirement and will engage with the RBI in this behalf,” Kotak said.

Indiabulls Real Estate: Q1 consolidated net profit down 0.9 percent at Rs 117 crore versus Rs 118.50 crore; consolidated net revenue up 38.5 percent at Rs 810.9 crore versus Rs 585.6 percent crore (YoY).

Monnet Ispat: Q1 loss at Rs 389.7 crore versus loss of Rs 400 crore; revenue up 24.8 percent at Rs 433 crore versus Rs 347 crore (YoY).

Fortis Healthcare: Q1 net loss of Rs 52.8 crore versus profit of Rs 22.6 crore; revenue down 9.9 percent at Rs 1,042 crore versus Rs 1,156.6 crore (YoY).

Suven Life Sciences: Q1 net profit up 31.1 percent at Rs 38.8 crore versus Rs 29.6 crore; revenue up 36 percent at Rs 191.7 crore versus Rs 141 crore (YoY).

Hathway Cable: Q1 net loss at Rs 2.63 crore versus net profit at Rs 27.16 crore; revenue up 0.6 percent at Rs 129.8 crore versus Rs 129 crore (YoY).

MMTC: Q1 net profit down 45.3 percent at Rs 9.9 crore versus Rs 18.1 crore; revenue down 19.5 percent at Rs 5,088 crore versus Rs 6,320 crore (YoY).

Dilip Buildcon: Q1 net profit at Rs 255.5 crore versus Rs 122.2 crore; revenue up 46.4 percent at Rs 2,436.3 crore versus Rs 1,664.1 crore (YoY).

Patel Engineering: Q1 net profit at Rs 36.2 crore versus loss of Rs 4.7 crore; revenue down 0.2 percent at Rs 555.5 crore versus Rs 556.4 crore (YoY).

Cox & Kings: Q1 net profit down 34.8 percent at Rs 136.9 crore versus Rs 210.1 crore; revenue up 14.5 percent at Rs 2,183.9 crore versus Rs 1,908.1 crore (YoY).

DB Realty: Q1 net loss at Rs 4.67 crore versus Rs 15.58 crore (YoY); revenue at Rs 2.42 crore versus Rs 0.84 crore (YoY).

JBF Industries: Q1 loss at Rs 49.6 crore versus loss of Rs 12.7 crore; revenue down 9.4 percent at Rs 876.9 crore versus Rs 968 crore (YoY).

IVRCL: Q1 loss at Rs 344.4 crore versus loss of Rs 242.9 crore; revenue down 60.8 percent at Rs 203.1 crore versus Rs 518.1 crore (YoY).

MTNL: Q1 loss at Rs 943.4 crore versus loss of Rs 703.2 crore; revenue down 25.1 percent at Rs 492.3 crore versus Rs 657.2 crore (YoY).

Prime Focus: Q1 loss at Rs 8.5 crore versus profit of Rs 3 crore; revenue up 18.6 percent at Rs 608.9 crore versus Rs 513.5 crore (YoY).

Mayur Uniquoters: Q1 net profit down 0.4 percent at Rs 25.6 crore versus Rs 25.7 crore; revenue up 0.2 percent at Rs 141.9 crore versus Rs 140.9 crore (YoY).

Mangalam Drugs: Q1 net profit down 83.1 percent at Rs 0.7 crore versus Rs 4.1 crore; revenue up 7.1 percent at Rs 59 crore versus Rs 55.1 crore (YoY).

RPP Infra Projects: Q1 profit falls to Rs 6.41 crore versus Rs 7.77 crore; revenue dips to Rs 100.35 crore versus Rs 112.48 crore (YoY).

Bharat Road Network: Q1 profit surges to Rs 7.3 crore versus Rs 0.5 crore; total income jumps to Rs 19.2 crore versus Rs 3.8 crore (YoY).

Hanung Toys & Textiles: Q1 loss at Rs 11.4 crore versus loss Rs 13 crore; revenue falls to Rs 1.4 crore versus Rs 1.53 crore (YoY).

Vascon Engineers: Q1 profit rises to Rs 1.49 crore versus Rs 1.48 crore; revenue increases to Rs 93.88 crore versus Rs 81.38 crore (YoY).

Voltamp Transformers: Q1 profit rises to Rs 15.04 crore versus Rs 14.5 crore; revenue increases to Rs 165.86 crore versus Rs 130.44 crore (YoY).

Kohinoor Foods: Q1 loss at Rs 32.01 crore versus profit Rs 3.42 crore; revenue falls sharply to Rs 24.66 crore versus Rs 268.84 crore (YoY).

Aster DM Healthcare: Q1 profit at Rs 20.35 crore versus loss of Rs 80 crore; revenue increases to Rs 1,774.65 crore versus Rs 1,556.44 crore (YoY).

Panacea Biotec: Q1 loss at Rs 36.83 crore versus loss Rs 47.99 crore; revenue falls to Rs 95.11 crore versus Rs 104.27 crore (YoY).

Asian Oilfield Services: Q1 profit slips to Rs 3.17 crore versus Rs 10.96 crore; revenue rises to Rs 63.15 crore versus Rs 51.3 crore (YoY).

Punj Lloyd: Q1 loss at Rs 215.64 crore versus loss Rs 194.32 crore; revenue rises to Rs 1,029.3 crore versus Rs 977.34 crore (YoY).

Khadim India: Q1 profit at Rs 7.4 crore versus Rs 7.44 crore; revenue rises to Rs 189.63 crore versus Rs 174.5 crore (YoY).

Zicom Electronic Security Systems: Q1 loss at Rs 121.44 crore versus loss Rs 52.81 crore; revenue falls sharply to Rs 37.62 crore versus Rs 89.2 crore (YoY).

Aarey Drugs: Q1 profit rises to Rs 2.1 crore versus Rs 1.91 crore; revenue falls to Rs 67.35 crore versus Rs 73.77 crore (YoY).

JHS Svendgaard Laboratories: Q1 loss at Rs 0.54 crore versus profit at Rs 19 crore; revenue dips to Rs 20.03 crore versus Rs 27.4 crore (YoY).

Ahluwalia Contracts: Q1 profit declines to Rs 28.2 crore versus Rs 29.5 crore; revenue drops to Rs 403.88 crore versus Rs 504.2 crore (YoY).

Gayatri Projects: Q1 profit rises to Rs 50.36 crore versus Rs 45.11 crore; revenue jumps to Rs 822.80 crore versus Rs 652.04 crore (YoY).

Brigade Enterprises: Q1 profit surges to Rs 63.08 crore versus Rs 31.44 crore; revenue rises to Rs 699.11 crore versus Rs 555 crore (YoY).

MBL Infrastructure: Q1 consolidated profit rises to Rs 0.86 crore versus Rs 0.47 crore; revenue falls to Rs 53.05 crore versus Rs 152.63 crore (YoY).

Fortis Healthcare: Company gets shareholders’ nod for the issuance of shares on a preferential allotment and for classification of Northern TK Venture as a promoter. Shareholders also approved IHH’s proposal to buy the company.

Vijaya Bank: G Narayanan, non-executive chairman of bank retired on August 13.

ONGC: Aviation Ministry said ONGC gives unconditional, irrevocable commitment to sell its 49 percent stake in Pawan Hans – CNBC-TV18.

UCO Bank: The bank entered into an inter-creditor agreement for resolution of stressed assets.

DCB Bank: The bank to hike the marginal cost of funds based lending rate (MCLR) by 5-35 bps effective August 16

UPL: Company subscribed to 10,533 equity shares in Weather Risk Management Services Private Limited (WRMS) constituting 5.01 percent (on a fully diluted basis) in the paid-up share capital of WRMS. Consequent to the above, UPL’s total shareholding in WRMS will increase from 26 percent to 31.01 percent.

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