Here are stocks that are in the news today:

Results on February 15: Amtek Auto, Garg Furnace, Integrated Technologies, Siddha Ventures, VCU Data Management

Jet Airways: Board approved a Bank led Provisional Resolution Plan (BLPRP) which proposes restructuring under the provisions of the RBI circular in order to meet a funding gap of nearly Rs 8,500 crore.

Minda Industries: Board approved composite scheme of amalgamation amongst Harita Limited and Harita Venu Private Limited and Harita Cheema Private Limited and Harita Financial Services Limited and Harita Seating Systems Limited and Minda Industries Limited and their respective shareholders.

Govt hikes minimum selling price of sugar by Rs 2/kg

Infibeam Q3 – Net profit at Rs 27 cr Vs Rs 1.9 cr, YoY

Prime Focus Q3: Profit at Rs 26.8 crore versus loss Rs 8.65 crore; revenue jumps to Rs 645 crore versus Rs 590 crore YoY.

JK Tyre & Industries: Board approved issue of equity shares of Rs 2 each of the company to the promoter group on preferential basis, upto an amount aggregating to Rs 200 crore.

JK Tyre & Indusries Q3: Consolidated profit jumps to Rs 26.7 crore versus Rs 11 crore; revenue rises to Rs 2,731 crore versus Rs 2,123 crore YoY.

Nitco Q3: Loss Rs 8.9 crore versus loss Rs 8.1 crore; revenue rises Rs 166.2 crore versus Rs 137.8 crore YoY.

Liberty Shoes Q3: Profit dips to Rs 1.21 crore versus Rs 2.65 crore; revenue declines to Rs 145.44 crore versus Rs 163.2 crore YoY.

Donear Industries Q3: Profit rises to Rs 5.14 crore versus Rs 4.74 crore; revenue increases to Rs 152 crore versus Rs 131.5 crore YoY.

S Chand & Company Q3: Consolidated loss at Rs 81.5 crore versus loss Rs 26 crore; revenue Rs 4.6 crore versus Rs 68 crore YoY.

Kitex Garments Q3: Profit down 30 percent to Rs 12 crore versus Rs 17.6 crore; revenue down 7.6 percent to Rs 136 crore versus Rs 147.3 crore YoY

Tata Teleservices Q3: Net loss at Rs 409.4 crore versus loss of Rs 480.7 crore; revenue down 27 percent at Rs 305 crore versus Rs 418.3 crore YoY

CCL Products Q3: Consolidated net profit down 19.3 percent at Rs 33 crore versus Rs 40.4 crore; consolidated revenue down 14.6 percent at Rs 234.1 crore versus Rs 274 crore YoY

Surya Roshni Q3: Profit up 0.3 percent at Rs 31.1 crore versus Rs 31 crore; revenue up 22.3 percent at Rs 1,605.3 crore versus Rs 1,312.8 crore YoY

Eveready Industries Q3: Profit down 99 percent at Rs 0.2 crore versus Rs 20.9 crore; revenue up 2.6 percent at Rs 379.2 crore versus Rs 369.6 crore YoY.

Nesco Q3: Profit down 4.1 percent at Rs 42 crore versus Rs 43.8 crore; revenue up 9.8 percent at Rs 88.5 crore versus Rs 80.6 crore YoY.

Jet Airways Q3: Net loss of Rs 587.8 crore versus profit of Rs 165.2 crore; revenue up 1 percent at Rs 6,148 crore versus Rs 6,086.2 crore YoY.

Ahluwalia Contracts Q3: Net profit down 7.6 percent at Rs 27 crore versus Rs 29.1 crore; revenue up 15.9 percent at Rs 418.5 crore versus Rs 361.1 crore YoY.

Deep Industries Q3: Net profit down 18.3 percent at Rs 15 crore versus Rs 18.3 crore; revenue down 21.2 percent at Rs 61 crore versus Rs 77.6 crore YoY.

Adhunik Metaliks Q3: Net loss of Rs 125 crore versus loss of Rs 123.8 crore; operating revenue nil versus Rs 159.4 crore YoY.

ONGC Q3: Net profit at Rs 8,262.7 crore; revenue at Rs 27,694 crore YoY

Indian Acroreylics Q3: Net profit at Rs 5 crore versus Rs 0.62 crore; revenue up 12 percent at Rs 101.2 crore versus Rs 90.3 crore YoY.

Glenmark Pharma Q3: Net profit up 15.2 percent at Rs 107.6 crore versus Rs 93.4 crore; revenue up 15.9 percent at Rs 2,555 crore versus Rs 2,203.6 crore YoY.

MTNL Q3: Net loss at Rs 832.3 crore versus loss of Rs 639 crore; revenue at Rs 514.5 crore versus Rs 580.1 crore YoY.

Finolex Cables Q3: Net profit up 1.4 percent at Rs 75.9 crore versus Rs 74.9 crore; revenue up 14.1 percent at Rs 749.5 crore versus Rs 656.8 crore YoY.

ITDC Q3: Profit down 56 percent at Rs 5.9 crore versus Rs 13.4 crore; revenue down 4 percent at Rs 95.7 crore versus Rs 99.7 crore YoY.

Time Technoplast Q3: Consolidated net profit up 15.9 percent at Rs 56 crore versus Rs 48 crore; revenue up 15.6 percent at Rs 872.7 crore versus Rs 754.7 crore YoY.

Kohinoor Foods Q3: Net loss at Rs 59.4 crore versus profit of Rs 0.8 crore; revenue down 3.6 percent at Rs 198.4 crore versus Rs 205.9 crore YoY.

Indiabulls Real Estate Q3: profit at Rs 202.4 crore versus loss of Rs 3.3 crore; revenue at Rs 1,271.1 crore versus Rs 242.1 crore YoY.

Talwalkars Better Value Q3: Profit up 43.8 percent at Rs 2.3 crore versus Rs 1.6 crore; revenue up 76.6 percent at Rs 22.6 crore versus Rs 12.8 crore YoY.

Nestle Q4: Profit up 9.6 percent at Rs 341.8 crore versus Rs 311.8 crore; revenue up 11.4 percent at Rs 2,897.3 crore versus Rs 2,601.5 crore YoY.

Unitech Q3: Loss at Rs 97.8 crore versus profit of Rs 18.1 crore; revenue down 86.3 percent at Rs 50.8 crore versus Rs 370.9 crore YoY.

Gayatri Projects Q3: Profit up 3 percent at Rs 47.9 crore versus Rs 46.5 crore; revenue down 2.9 percent at Rs 877.9 crore versus Rs 903.9 crore YoY.

Ujaas Energy Q3: Profit down 46.2 percent at Rs 2 crore versus Rs 3.9 crore; revenue down 66 percent at Rs 25.6 crore versus Rs 75.4 crore YoY.

Vivimed Labs Q3: Consolidated net profit down 48.2 percent at Rs 11 crore versus Rs 20.9 crore; revenue down 18.6 percent at Rs 243.9 crore versus Rs 299.6 crore YoY.

Alok Industries Q3: Loss at Rs 1,259.3 crore versus Rs 4,748.6 crore; revenue down 29.1 percent at Rs 676 crore versus Rs 952.3 crore YoY.

India Glycols Q3: Profit down 19.9 percent at Rs 35 crore versus Rs 43.7 crore; revenue down 9.4 percent at Rs 1,230.8 crore versus Rs 1,359.1 crore YoY.

Videocon Industries Q3: Loss at Rs 1,023.1 crore versus loss of Rs 1,272 crore; revenue at Rs 209.6 crore versus Rs 362.9 crore YoY.

Dalmia Bharat Sugar Q3: Profit down 20.1 percent at Rs 43 crore versus Rs 54.2 crore; revenue down 30 percent at Rs 422 crore versus Rs 603.7 crore YoY.

Mcleod Russel Q3: Profit down 20.6 percent at Rs 53.6 crore versus Rs 67.5 crore; revenue down 16.4 percent at Rs 465.2 crore versus Rs 556.4 crore YoY.

Responsive Industries: Board appointed Mrunal Shetty as additional director and chief financial officer on the board of the company.

BGR Energy Systems: Company proposed sale of investments in a wholly owned subsidiary.

Tata Power Solar: Company now launches an extensive residential rooftop solution at Hyderabad.

Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corporation Q3: Profit dips to Rs 1.24 crore versus Rs 29.2 crore; revenue falls to Rs 623.7 crore versus Rs 939.5 crore YoY.

Kridhan Infra: Singapore-based subsidiary KH Foges Pte. Ltd. received a new order in Singapore worth S$ 36 million (Rs 187 crore).

Venus Remedies Q3: Loss at Rs 12 crore versus loss Rs 4.2 crore; revenue dips to Rs 69 crore versus Rs 93 crore YoY.

Shree Renuka Sugars Q3: Profit at Rs 68.6 crore versus loss Rs 2294 crore; revenue dips to Rs 1,092.6 crore versus Rs 1,758.8 crore YoY.

BGR Energy Systems Q3: Profit at Rs 10.8 crore versus loss Rs 4.34 crore; revenue rises to Rs 831.5 crore versus Rs 707.6 crore YoY.

Bharat Dynamics Q3: Profit surges to Rs 188.3 crore versus Rs 6.2 crore; revenue rises to Rs 1,038 crore versus Rs 822 crore YoY.

Cox & Kings Q3: Consolidated profit drops to Rs 28.9 crore versus Rs 95 crore; revenue rises to Rs 1,308 crore versus Rs 1,130 crore YoY.

Indo Rama Synthetics Q3: Loss at Rs 40 crore versus loss Rs 19 crore; revenue dips to Rs 508 crore versus Rs 524 crore YoY.

RPP Infra Projects Q3: Profit at Rs 7.2 crore versus loss Rs 9.3 crore; revenue dips to Rs 134 crore versus Rs 137 crore YoY.

Infosys: RBL Bank adopts Finacle Assure for preventive maintenance on AWS cloud.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam Q3: Profit dips to Rs 16.9 crore versus Rs 26.5 crore; revenue rises to Rs 153 crore versus Rs 147 crore YoY.

Kohinoor Foods Q3: Loss at Rs 59 crore versus profit Rs 0.83 crore; revenue dips to Rs 198 crore versus Rs 206 crore YoY.

PNC Infratech: PNC Triveni Sangam Highways Private Limited received the financial closure from National Highways Authority of India.

GlaxoSmithkline Consumer Healthcare Q3: Profit rises to Rs 221 crore versus Rs 164 crore; revenue increases to Rs 1,116.8 crore versus Rs 1,039 crore YoY.

J Kumar Infraprojects: Company received work order worth Rs 444.98 crore of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

Tera Software: Company received projects three projects worth Rs 252.74 crore, Rs 33.75 crore and 2.15 crore respectively.

Bulk Deals on February 14


Automotive Axles: UTI Mutual Fund A/C UT160 (UTI-Mid Cap Fund) sold 1,89,511 shares of the company at Rs 1,130 per share.

Suumaya Lifestyle: Bakulesh Omprakash Agarwal sold 1,60,000 shares of the company at Rs 31 per share.

Tara Jewels: Punjab National Bank sold 2,00,000 shares of the company at Rs 0.55 per share.

Zee News: IFCI sold another 59,59,344 shares of the company at a price of Rs 13.38 per share.

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