Here are stocks that are in the news today:

Results on February 13: Bharat Forge, Reliance Capital, Bosch, Godrej Industries, Sandesh, Shah Alloys, Zenith Exports, Aster DM Healthcare, Kiri Industries, Gufic Biosciences, HPL Electric & Power, Gujarat Raffia Industries, Barak Valley Cements, Fortis Healthcare, GSS Infotech, Aries Agro, Ruchira Papers, Hindustan Composites, Country Club Hospitality & Holidays, Murudeshwar Ceramics, RSWM, Dhunseri Ventures, Rohit Ferro-Tech.

Sun Pharma Q3: Consolidated profit jumps to Rs 1,241.8 crore versus Rs 321.6 crore; revenue rises 16.3 percent to Rs 7,740.2 crore versus Rs 6,653.2 crore YoY.

ADF Foods Q3: Profit increases to Rs 5 crore versus Rs 0.3 crore; revenue rises 15.4 percent to Rs 60.8 crore versus Rs 52.7 crore YoY.

Indian Hotels Q3: Profit rises 51 percent to Rs 170 crore versus Rs 112.6 crore; revenue jumps 10.5 percent to Rs 1,323.4 crore versus Rs 1,197.3 crore YoY.

Lux Industries Q3: Profit surges 31.4 percent to Rs 24.3 crore versus Rs 18.5 crore; revenue rises 1 percent to Rs 283.5 crore versus Rs 280.8 crore YoY.

Bata India Q3: Profit spikes 51.4 percent to Rs 103.2 crore versus Rs 68.1 crore; revenue rises 5.5 percent to Rs 778.7 crore versus Rs 674 crore YoY.

Oil India Q3: Profit jumps 43.1 percent to Rs 1,233.4 crore versus Rs 862 crore; revenue falls 6.1 percent to Rs 3,514 crore versus Rs 3,743.6 crore QoQ.

Asian Granito Q3: Profit falls to Rs 5 crore versus Rs 12.9 crore; revenue rises to Rs 296.2 crore versus Rs 263.8 crore YoY.

RCF Q3: Profit jumps to Rs 49.9 crore versus Rs 17.9 crore; revenue up 19.5 percent at Rs 2,353.5 crore versus Rs 1,969 crore YoY.

Natco Pharma Q3: Consolidated profit dips 25.4 percent to Rs 162 crore versus Rs 217.3 crore; revenue falls 1.6 percent to Rs 531.9 crore versus Rs 540.3 crore YoY.

TCI Q3: Profit increases 7.2 percent to Rs 29.9 crore versus Rs 27.9 crore; revenue rises 19.3 percent to Rs 662.4 crore versus Rs 555.3 crore QoQ.

Lovable Lingerie Q3: Profit falls to Rs 2.07 crore versus Rs 2.27 crore; revenue rises to Rs 50.7 crore versus Rs 39.8 crore YoY.

Alembic Pharmaceuticals: Company gets USFDA approval for Fenofibrate tablets.

Religare Enterprises Q3: Loss at Rs 10.32 crore versus loss Rs 45.09 crore; revenue falls to Rs 0.77 crore versus Rs 2.25 crore YoY.

Prestige Estates Projects Q3: Profit dips to Rs 58.1 crore versus Rs 89.4 crore; revenue declines to Rs 1,077.6 crore versus Rs 1,272.3 crore YoY.

Bharat Road Network Q3: Profit falls to Rs 4.95 crore versus Rs 10.88 crore; revenue dips to Rs 2.88 crore versus Rs 3 crore YoY.

DHFL: Vijaya Sampath expressed her desire to resign from the position of an Independent Director due to personal reasons.

Jain Irrigation Systems Q3: Consolidated profit jumps to Rs 82.42 crore versus Rs 66.98 crore; revenue rises to Rs 2,038 crore versus Rs 1,865.64 crore YoY.

Pennar Industries Q3: Consolidated profit rises to Rs 13.70 crore versus Rs 13.25 crore; revenue jumps to Rs 567.63 crore versus Rs 415 crore YoY.

Zenith Birla India: Company entered in to one time settlement with Invent Assets Securitisation & Reconstruction Pvt. Ltd (loan assigned by State Bank of India) against the credit facilities availed by the company.

NLC India Q3: Profit rises to Rs 329.5 crore versus Rs 313.80 crore; revenue increases to Rs 1,873.82 crore versus Rs 1,706.5 crore YoY.

Sadbhav Infrastructure Project Q3: Loss at Rs 28 crore versus Rs 39.8 crore; revenue rises to Rs 955 crore versus Rs 548.6 crore YoY.

Southern Gas: Board appointed Rajeev Nagarsenkar, currently holding the position of accounts manager as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Manpasand Beverages Q3: Profit falls to Rs 9.83 crore versus Rs 12 crore; revenue rises to Rs 163.5 crore versus Rs 143 crore YoY.

Patel Engineering Q3: Profit rises to Rs 28.74 crore versus Rs 6.87 crore; revenue falls to Rs 484.1 crore versus Rs 635.7 crore YoY. Q3: Profit falls to Rs 6.8 crore versus Rs 23 crore; revenue rises to Rs 85.3 crore versus Rs 83.7 crore YoY.

Container Corporation of India Q3: Profit dips to Rs 275 crore versus Rs 277 crore; revenue rises to Rs 1,657 crore versus Rs 1,605 crore YoY.

Tata Power Solar: Company launches an extensive residential rooftop solution at Chandigarh.

Kesoram Industries Q3: Loss at Rs 115.35 crore versus loss Rs 43.17 crore; revenue rises to Rs 984 crore versus Rs 883 crore YoY.

3M India Q3: Consolidated profit rises to Rs 110 crore versus Rs 94 crore; revenue increases to Rs 791 crore versus Rs 683 crore YoY.

GTPL Hathway Q3: Consolidated profit dips to Rs 18.55 crore versus Rs 19.5 crore; revenue rises to Rs 314.5 crore versus Rs 278.4 crore YoY.

C & C Constructions Q3: Consolidated loss at Rs 8.4 crore versus profit Rs 10.2 crore; revenue falls to Rs 239.8 crore versus Rs 275.2 crore YoY.

Shakti Pumps (India) Q3: Consolidated profit falls to Rs 12.6 crore versus Rs 16.67 crore; revenue rises Rs 152 crore versus Rs 148 crore YoY.

L&T Technology Services: A client of company, in the telecom & hitech reporting segment, has decided to assume ownership of engineering for their core product. Other engagements with this client continue and LTTS is in discussions to partner with the client in multiple adjacent areas, as they look to invest and expand their business. Company reaffirms its FY19 revenue guidance and its expectation of mid-teens revenue growth in FY20 in USD terms.

DQ Entertainment (International) Q3: Consolidated loss at Rs 29 crore versus loss Rs 17.74 crore; revenue rises to Rs 69.72 crore versus Rs 23.95 crore YoY.

Transport Corporation of India Q3: Profit rises to Rs 30 crore versus Rs 28 crore; revenue increases to Rs 662.5 crore versus Rs 555.3 crore YoY.

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