You need to check your ITR status periodically if you have filed and verified it. This will help the taxpayer to know about the ITR whether it has accepted and process properly or not.

The status will be reflected in your account after checking the ITR periodically. However, if some distinctions are found or some changes are proposed by Centralized Processing Centre (CPC), Bengaluru, there can be different return status such as defective return or case transferred to assessing officer.”

To avoid any trouble and misconceptions in the future, taxpayers should clear their ITR return on a regular basis so as not to get pending status.

Let us know the several types of ITR status:
  1. Submitted and pending for e-verification: The situation when you have filed the ITR but you have not e-verified nor manually verified and send the acknowledgement to the department but the same has not been received by the department yet then such type of status have shown.
  2. Successfully e-verified: The situation when your status shows that you are successfully verified. It means that you have submitted and duly verified your return. But the ITR has not been processed yet.
  3. Processed: The situation when the status of your return shows ‘processed’, it means that the return is successfully processed by the department without any disjunction.
  4. Defective: The situation when ITR shows defective if it has not filed it in accordance with the provisions of laws.“If your return is found defective then you will receive a notice of defective return under section 139(9) asking you to rectify the defect within 15 days from the date of receiving notice. If you don’t respond to a defective return then ITR shall be treated as invalid,”.
  5. Case transferred to Assessing Officer: It means the Centralized Processing Centre of the Income Tax Department has transferred the ITR to the jurisdictional assessing officer to operates it. The cases which involve complexity and are not easy to process without human intervention quickly that cases are only that cases are transferred that can handle by assessing officer.


If one’s case has been transferred to the jurisdictional assessing officer then one has to wait for assessing officers communication in revert.“The assessing officer may contact you via telephone, email, letter or SMS and he may ask you to provide the necessary evidence in support of your claim or assertions to process the return,”.

If the income tax department finds any privity between the income declared, the tax paid and the data available, an information shall be issued to the taxpayer to explain the discrepancy. If a demand is raised on a taxpayer, he/she can agree with it and pay the additional tax and interest or him/she can disagree with the demand and file the revised return or rectification request with the department.

After understanding several types of ITR Returns no we should know How to check ITR return status via income tax e-filing websites:

There are two ways to check the status of ITR:

  1. Using the login credentials 2.Using acknowledgement number of ITR filed
  2. Using the login credentials :

1) Log into income tax department’s e-filing website (

2) Click on the dashboard.


3) Select View Return/Forms option.

4) Then select the Income Tax Returns from the first drop-down menu and the relevant assessment year from the drop-down menu. The taxpayer can also see the ITR status of the past assessment years.

5) Status of your return will be shown on screen.

Using the acknowledgement number of ITR filed:

In this option, you don’t need your login credentials. The following are the steps to know your status:-

  1. Open the income tax department’s e-filing website (
  2. Select ITR status from the list on the left side of the page.

  1. Now, you are required to fill your PAN, acknowledgement number of ITR.

  1. The ITR return status will be displayed.

In the previous years,0.8-1%  tax returns and In 2017-18, the tax department picked up for scrutiny only 0.35% of all tax returns. The lower percentage of scrutiny means the department is looking at more in-interruption ways to check tax evasion.

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