Fundamentals or Technicals both methodologies are complementary to each other but both are essential for researching and forecasting future trends in stock prices.

What is Fundamental and technical analysis?

Most people usually confuse both. Take a look at their definition.

Fundamental used for studying overall economy and to analyze financial industry condition and management of companies. It is used to measure the intrinsic value of a stock. It includes all important aspects like earnings, expenses, assets an liabilities. While technical analysis differs from fundamentals a both are the opposite ends of the spectrum. Technical analysis majorly uses stock charts to identify patterns and trends to suggest what a stock will do in future. It works on aspects like simple moving averages, support and resistance, trend lines and momentum based indicators.

Now, you may think what is the actual difference between fundamental and analysis? where to use fundamental strategy and where to use technical strategy?

Relax, though both are opposite poles and used to perform both are important and used to hold specific positions while trading.

Fundamental analysis preferred for long-term investments. Investors use the comparison to calculate whether a long-term investment is worth buying because it is undervalued or it is worth selling because it is overvalued. Being a fundamental concepts follower one must know whether the business manages its finances to pull out a successful expansion. It relies on information that spans years.

While technical analysis preferred for short-term investment. It uses the data for a short period of time to develop the patterns and for short trading.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Fundamental and Technicals:

Both the tricks have their advocate and adversaries. It totally depends on investors what he/she prefers. It is just like the coin has two sides head and tail.

The disadvantage to the fundamental investor is waiting time but the advantage is investors get the privilege of buying stocks at lower prices thus making more profits on the same stock.

The disadvantage of a technical investor is lesser profits than fundamental investor but his advantage is investors see profits extremely quickly as compared to the fundamental investor.

What can you do for the best?

Risk management and strategy need to implement if one must want to gain huge return in trading. For these to implement our certified research analysts of Investelite Research suggests following Techno fundamental analysis. The way is simple if you find stocks that are fundamentally strong keep them in your list and wait for Technical triggers.

Both are beneficial if you embedded the fundamental concepts by analyzing a company into technical concepts you will get benefit in short span also.

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