It has been made as the fact that volatility is the buddy of the stock market. Investelite Research shares trading tips to manage your investments in the volatile stock market. Know the advantages of equity investments over fixed deposits. There are various avenues to save money and get the return but one can only make the huge money by “Make use of cognition instead of running with the herd”.

Take a lesson to maximize return with minimal risk. Investelite Research is here to solve your query. Not only this gets the best share market tips in equity investments, stock markets that suits your personality, age, income, risk profile and life goals. Investelite Research guides you about the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) which is a route to further investing in the stock market. Almost every person has fear over stock market volatility.

Many people have questions and confusion in their mind related to stock returns and risk. Get the answers of the commonly asked questions here:

1. How much return in the stock market in comparison to fixed deposits and PPF?

Investelite Research guides you about the safer way to invest. You usually get 6-8% interest rate in fixed deposit and PPF. While in the case of the stock market the annual return is 15% till from when the Sensex has started. It concludes that your money gets doubled in every 5 years.

2. Why the stock market is the best way of investments?

While talking about the historic rate of Inflation, Increase in purchasing power is key. Of course, your fixed deposits can give you a return but they don’t give you to protect your purchasing power. For eg: Today you purchase coffee at Rs. 100 and after 5 years its price increase up to Rs. 120 which is due to inflation. Stocks are at route purchase which gives Inflation +Return. Share Trading gives large allocation to Equity.

3. How to save your money to get wiped out?

Returns may be volatile but Restore helps you to lower your risk. Yupp it is true money get to wipe out if you go risk directly to one stock. Here Investelite Research suggests buying a basket of stocks then your risk is lower.  Apply Diversification as it always a good time to eat a balanced diet.

Choose carefully company which lowers the risk of volatility. You need to think broadly with long-term in the Equity market. Set Goals and Invest properly and that will give you fruitful return.

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