Cipla is expecting its next step of growth from the international market to launched a product into it, adding $70-100 million revenues last fiscal year.

In India, Cipla already enjoys 67-68% shares of the respiratory drug market, and the company says there is potential for a 14-15% growth as the market is penetrated. An overall respiratory market is expected to clock 12-13%  growth. In the emerging markets, India is clocking 10-12% growth. These are lesser regulatory markets such as Australia and Sri Lanka.

Cipla is focusing on strengthening its presence in Australia and Columbia through a respiratory portfolio and through a combination of in-house pipeline products and partnerships in China, Brazil and Indonesia. In FY20-21, we are looking to launch a steroid based product, CEO added. Plans to launch at least one product in the US every year. Globally,30% of patients in India, taking respiratory inhalers compared to 70% globally.

Most of the respiratory products that Cipla has lined up for the international markets have a market size of amount $2 billion or so, and the competition is expected from 3 to 4 players. It sees $100 million in revenue from each of the key products(generic Albuterol, FPSM, and generic Advair) depending on how many other players get approval.

The company has a turnover of Rs. 18.93 billion and it has clocked an 11.9% compound annual rate over 5 years on high base in India. Lupin & Cadila Healthcare have much smaller revenue segment in the range of Rs. 5.6 billion and Rs 5.5 billion.

In next  5years, India, South Africa and China would be the largest markets for Cipla. It has expected India based to touch, around half a billion dollars (around Rs. 36 billion).

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