PM Modi spared no punches in replying the Congress Party Chief Rahul Gandhi’s hug and wink spell in Lok Sabha on Friday. Concluding PM said opposition party lacks no trust vote.

  • No Confidence defeated with 325 members voting against it and 126 for the motion favor (backing the opposition).
  •  The 535-member Lok Sabha has 313 MPs belonging to the NDA while 222 belong to the opposition parties.NDA Govt won the fight with thumping majority.
  • Modi remarks came into a response with a point to point attacks when Rahul Gandhi(Pappu) in Lok Sabha Parliament hug the Prime Minister, professing to practice the politics of love.
  • The speech peppered with data on jobs creation, economic growth, and taunts at political rivals. Modi hit back for each and every attack fired on him by speaking continuously on every the charge on him in a variety of areas ranging from farms distress, GST, politics from rising NPA’s.
  • Concluding PM  said that the Congress party had misused no-confidence motion to spread instability in the country to ensure that the Gandhi family remains in power.
  • He also requested all the parties to accused Congress, who working with the mindset of ‘Modi Hatao'(remove Modi) and dismiss the motion. “The Congress party has lost its touch from ground reality”.
  • In contrast, Rahul Gandhi speech for no-confidence motion considers as ‘low on substance’ and ‘high for entertainment’.There was an act of immaturity in giving hug to PM Modi and to get reflected in speech as well, said PM Modi.
  • The Prime Minister gave a stirring account of the government’s record over the last four years, after inheriting a crippling economy, hit by mounting bad loans.
  • Rahul’s “Jadu ki jhappi” didn’t work. Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan extends the discussion for 1 hour and discussion extended till 9 pm and further. Finally, Lok Sabha Rejects No trust vote and BJP led NDA gets 325 votes.

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