Value Investing is simply meant buying stocks of growing business less than intrinsic value.

The value stock is generally famous for their low costs and potential for long-term. The stock market is like climb epic which is volatile. It is like a Snake & Ladder with several ups and down the game. You will eventually lose if you play it as gambling and buy the stock rapidly without lack of understanding its value and business. In that case, you are not known for your investment but known as a speculator.

We have legendary value investors like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham who are well known to guide us to become a value investor in the stock market.”Make use of cognition instead of running with the herd“, and if one is incapable or not confident for their action they can take guidance of our experts of Investelite Research to become a value investor.

Here we Investelite Research are guiding you the actual concepts to become a value investor:

  1. Science and Art: Value investing is both art and science, one must calculate the fair value of the company by applying science and one can apply art by getting a dip to drive into the company for the understanding business model.”Price is what you pay and value is what you get” to learn this strategy from the legends of Warren Buffett.
  2. Take experts advice: “The stock market is filled with an individual who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing“.Many see the economic outlook and market trends and buy the stocks but our experts suggest to focus on the value you buy. Analyze the metrics, compare the value to stock to its price. Invetselite Research has experts with fiduciary standard and transparency who acknowledge and maintain your portfolio.
  3.  Understand the term of value Investing: Value investing begins with identifying mispricing. It grows over time with meaningful insights and analytics.

Seth Klarman said,” Value investing at its core is the marriage of a contrarian streak and a calculator“.

According to the Kenneth French and the Nobel Prize Awarded Laureate Eugene Fama, large-cap value stocks have an average return of 11.2 %,  while for large-cap growth stocks has been average of 9.4 %.

  1. Value investing is not dead, but you need to adapt: It has not died but if you know to spot the value one can easily become a value investor. Though it is riskier, the people who are actual value investor they ignore the 99% of markets. Our experts in Investelite Research advice you to investigate before invest.

Reason Why Our clients are becoming “Value Investors”:

Several factors involved in making our investors as value investors. One may take a long time or sometimes declined but Investelite Research keeps the eye on focus to grow and deliver our clients. We have built one section of a value pack for those investors who want to become a value, investors.”If we avoid losers, the winners will take care of themselves“.Also, we have categorized that value in several subcategory packs as different investors have different planning. We believe to be aware of the changes happening in the economy and our knowledge should be updated from emerging markets.

The market is to serve you,  not inform you. Our Research analysts do a lot of homework to get insights as our clients are paying the fair value with expensive looking so they should be ahead of market perception.

Being a value investor means you look at the downside before looking at the upside hill“.

One should be consistent with gathering knowledge for wealth to become a value investor.

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