With lots of ups and downs in 30 years, Rs 1 Lakh invested in Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMB) would be worth Rs 2,000 Crore. That’s an astonishing rise of 1,99,99,900 percent. Really amazing. Isn’t it? Besides, who doesn’t love to own such companies? Almost all of us. That’s what stock market can do to your wealth.

“If you invest in quality companies in India and stay invested for a long period, it would be very difficult to not make a great deal of money. Do not focus too much on what is happening to a company this quarter or this earnings season or where the PE multiple stands.

Companies whose revenues have grown at least 10 percent for 10 consecutive years and have offered 15 percent return on capital employed every single year for the past 10 years have a good chance of outshining the benchmark indices.

And yet, a majority of us fail to grasp such exemplary returns.

Because owning such companies can turn out to be real nightmares during the holding period. The fear that erupts inside us after seeing a decline in stock price outpowers the conviction with which we had bought the stock in the very first place.

“Quality, sustainability, and growth are said to be the three important matrixes an investor should look at before investing in a stock”.

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