Ganesh Chaturthi a grand public event is the beginning of the festive season. On this auspicious day, we worship Lord Ganesh who is known for wisdom and intelligence. Lord Ganesh considered god of beginnings. People consider the best time to enter into new ventures. This 10-day festival has a lot to teach us and to make a better life and value of money.

It is the festival of “God of success, obstacle remover” who teach financial lessons that help traders and investors to stay fit in the stock market.

The past results in Nifty during Ganesh Chaturthi has always performed well. However, for every current position, it is unpredictable to know about the fluctuations of the market. This festival is prompt the Indian Investors for a new beginning and to take a new bold decision around this 10 days.

Here are some financial lessons to learn with this Ganesh Chaturthi:

  1. Think Big: Big head of Lord Ganesh indicates to think big. Build the strategy to earn more, save more and invest more. Start your journey by saving a fixed amount of money and invest in the stock market with a better planning and goals.
  2. Large ears: Large ears indicates to listen carefully. One can only earn if they learn and observe carefully stock market fluctuations. If you are newbie Investors you may take our experts advice from Investelite Research who provide trading tips.
  3. Small eyes: Small eyes reflects the concentration that one should have while performing the trade in share market. Keep your pointed eye to analyze the volatility in the stock market.
  4. Small Mouth: Smallmouth signifies to talk less. Investors must maintain a calm attitude while dealing with the stock market. Don’t pre-assume as it is not necessary that the markets will show positive sentiments always.
  5. One Tusk: Tusk teaches to keep good and throw away bad. Try to know whatever you are doing is right or wrong. A trader must understand to venture on the path of progress.
  6. Curvy Trunk: Trunk is to indicate high efficiency and adaptability. One should be adaptable to all circumstances as the stock market is volatile. No one knows when Indices may turn green or red. So, accordingly to market. Stay calm when the market shows downfall.
  7. Protector: Lord Ganesh is known for ‘protectors of multitudes‘. Immaculate the better way of investing and protect yourself from vagaries in trading. Use appropriate stop-loss to prevent financial setback and solve hurdles that stop you to achieve your financial goal.
  8. Large Stomach: Ganesh called as Lambodara-A god with a large stomach. While investing in the stock market you may face a lot of uncertainty. It defines to peacefully digest all good and bad times. The knowledge about asset classes and investing enhance the ability of an individual to stomach volatility.
  9. Modak: Modak is known for the rewards of Sadhana. It symbolizes the value of patience. It teaches us that keeping patience gets rewarded. Same as a trader must also keep patience to reap long-term benefits.
  10. Mouse: Mouse is the vehicle of Lord Ganesh that small creature to teaches a lot. Desire unless under control can cause havoc, you ride the desire and keep it under control and don’t allow it to take you for a ride. One should avoid being impulsive. Likewise, in trading, if you have invested it for long-term, if tomorrow the stock prices rise, you must have the potential to control and sell it. Be frugal.


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Keep Trading with Dherya by saying Ganpati Bappa Morya!”

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