Dusshera-  The festival to burn your inner greed, ego, Impatience and all bad evils that we have kept inside. The fact is true that Ravana’s ego and misbelieve turn out to be his own biggest enemy.  This result that he has to wreck from his own personal life. However, there is no denying the fact that he was a great scholar and almost brilliant and talented in almost every field. Ravana ’s intellectual known in politics, art, administration, science and statesmanship. With this article, Investelite Research advice you to raise your inner voice to learn from his good habits and burn his bad evils.

There are some trading tips to learn from Ravana and to close shutter of evil while trading in the share market. Our firm Investelite Research is here with skilled analysts who help you to make aware from risk level and analysis while investing.

1. Prepare your trading plan: Get rid of the bad financial decision this day. Dusshera is a great time to reflect and start working towards it. On this auspicious occasion Investelite Research offering you flat 20% discount in almost all services we provide related to trading tips. A trader must have a trading plan before entering in share market.

2. Keep your ego aside: Keep your pride at bay while choosing your option of trading. Ravana’s ego destructs himself. The market is sensitive. Many traders even add to a losing position when they stuck in a trade. The trader ego doesn’t want to be proven wrong because they are so emotionally attached to a particular position that they hold on it longer than necessary. Some traders would even go to the extent of adding on to a losing position just to get out at breakeven from the trade.

3. Give Respect, Get Respect: While trading if you want that market should respect your opinion. You only want is to respect your knowledge and the analysis and efforts you have taken to reach your conclusion regarding the trade.

4. Never pre-assume: When you trade, you take a position and your price is also at stake. If you think you are not adequately insured, then there is no need to enter the market. Forbid the speculation in trading. Having a goal based investing approach increases the chances of meeting them.

5. Diversify your portfolio: Just like Ravana diversify his administration with his mind and power you must adapt to diversify your assets if you want better results with minimum loss.

6. Follow Stop-Loss: Traders often don’t place stop loss because they hate to be proven wrong. They prefer to lose money on a position rather than accept their miscalculation. This obviously comes at the expense of trading capital. Investelite Research strictly advice you to follow the stop-loss policy.

7. Dashavatar: Ravan had 10 faces same as a market to has several faces based on situations and scenarios. The market is unpredictable and we can’t control over it but we can control our steps and principles that we have taken while trading. Anything can happen as sometimes low cap stocks give better results than some mid-cap stocks or large-cap stocks. Ensure the trade wisely in the bear market.

8. Tapasya: This is the good habit that one has to grasp from Ravana while trading. Continuous and consistent efforts can help you to serve accurate results. No one is by born intelligent you have to burn the inner flame of perseverance to gain something and to stand out different from other traders.

9. Use Self-discipline: A profit may give you pride and boost your confidence but the fact is trade should only be closed on its own merit. Most traders tend to book profits too early. They argue that markets are too volatile and can turn anytime. But In reality, the trader’s ego wants a pat on the back for making this trade. Investelite Research follows discipline approach and even advice our clients to use self-discipline as confront to Rakshas and bad evils.

10. Don’t lose your patience: Take decision wisely sometimes one bad move can ruin you which is beyond your imagination just like Ravana abduct Sita and it turns to construct a false image for Ravana. The trading principle is to work patiently and manage the escalating situation of share market trading with proper fundamental and technical research.

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